Easy-To-Use Strategy Guides

Profitable Keyword Guide

Dizyo helps find the most profitable keywords for your business. We also highlight where your competition is ranking and how much traffic they are getting from those keywords.

Content Theme Creator

Local SEO Optimization

Optimize Google My Business

Geo target your audience and achieve top ranking in Google Map results to help increase your visibility on search engine results pages. Optimize and update your Google My Business directly from Dizyo.

Google Console Connected

Competition Audits

Competitor Insights

Get insights and creative ideas for your strategy with a peak at the keywords your competition is ranking for, the quantity of traffic they get, and which backlinks, blogs, and other sources are working best.

Prioritized Activity List

Never Guess What To Do Next

Dizyo automatically prioritizes and generates an easy-to-follow task list that takes into account the amount of time you tell it you have in a month and what actions will have the most immediate impact on your search engine rankings. Get clear how-to instructions for each task for most any CMS including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more.

Backlink Management

Linking Success To Your Site

Backlinks are a help tremendously in improving SEO. Get access to the exact backlinks your competitors have working for them. Get new ideas on where to get valuable backlinks. Understand of your current backlinks are hurting you and need to be severed.

Journalist Connection

Share Your Expertise & Profit

Build quality backlinks by getting mentioned by journalists who need your expert knowledge to complete their articles. Just put in your area of expertise, respond to requests, and get high-value backlinks to your business's website.

Track Traffic & Keywords

Track Keyword Ranking

Dizyo tracks your ranking progress for each keyword you are tracking on the platform. Quickly track performance over time and see where you appear in Google search results. Choose to track local, national, or internationally.

Traffic Performance Tracking

See the impact of your efforts have on SEO rankings and customer acquisition. Dizyo shows you overall website traffic along with your traffic sources, devices used, site referrals, and location of users down to the city anywhere in the world.

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Dizyo Local

Great starting point for a micro-business, local restaurants, and consumer services.



Google My Business Optimizer

GMB Review Management

GMB Post Scheduler

Internet Directory Management

Local SEO Priority Activity List

Local SEO Insights

Google Maps & Map Pack Ranking

Dizyo SEO

Complete SEO platform for B2B, professional services, and eCommerce



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Profitable Keyword Guide

Keyword Mapping

Content Strategy Guide

Competitor SEO Audits

Backlink Management

Competitor Backlink Tracking

Backlink Health Monitor​

Journalist Outreach

Website Traffic Reporting

Keyword Ranking Reporting

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Dizyo helps business owners with SEO
Dizyo helps business owners with SEO

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