Easy-To-Use SEO Features For Small Business

Affordable SEO for small business has never been so easy to get. Dizyo is a feature-packed platform laid out in a way that anyone can use, regardless of their experience with SEO. Every ease-to-use feature has how-to instructions and walk-through videos to make each action so easy, a first grader could do it. There is no learning curve here, just step-by-step guidance to activities that will increase your Google rankings and ultimately your revenue. If for any reason you get confused, our support team is on standby to help in any way they can. And if you ultimately run into something you just don't want to do, just pass the task to us on a pay-per-task basis. Everything you need to ace your SEO is at your fingertips with Dizyo.

SEO Strategy Specifically For Your Business

The Dizyo platform walks you through a simple discovery process that builds your SEO strategy.

  • Profitable Keyword Guide

    Dizyo helps find the most profitable keywords for your business. It also highlights where your competition is ranking and how much traffic they are getting from those keywords.

  • Competition Audits

    Get insights and creative ideas for your website content with a peek at the keywords. You get a behind the scenes peek where your competition is ranking, the quantity of their traffic, and which backlinks, blogs, and other sources of content are working best.

  • Local SEO

    Geo target your audience and achieve top ranking in Google Map results to help increase your visibility on search engine results pages. Optimize and update your Google My Business directly from Dizyo. You can even respond to Google reviews within Dizyo.

  • Content Theme Creator

    Content creation is ten times easier when you know exactly what to write about and what words to include. Dizyo gives you topic ideas based on what your potential clients consume on popular sites like Google, YouTube and Twitter.

  • Google Connected

    Dizyo is updated as Google updates their algorithms to ensure your strategy is always current with best practices that ensure an effective SEO strategy. Dizyo examines your website every month so you have the most up-to-date stats. 

"Dizyo makes it [SEO] so easy a first grader can do it!. ... The action list is worth the money on its own"



Content Marketer



The majority of my business comes from SEO. So it’s very important to me that I maximize every SEO opportunity. I love that DIZYO takes the guesswork out of that process and tells me exactly what I need to do. Brilliant. 



Mortgage Brokerage Owner

Easy-To-Use SEO Tools

Dizyo gives you every tool you need to put you on the first page of Google.

  • Technical SEO

    One of the top keys to SEO success is on-site SEO. Dizyo performs a full on-site technical SEO audit and creates a prioritized action list that will increase your website's performance without you needing to learn how to be a website technician.

  • Pagespeed Accelerator

    Dizyo has a direct connection with Google to determine where changes can be made to improve your overall page speed.

  • Prioritized Action List

    Dizyo automatically prioritizes and generates an easy-to-follow action list that takes into account the amount of time you tell it you have in a month and what actions will have the most immediate impact on your search engine rankings. Get clear how-to instructions for each task on most any website builder including WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and more.

  • Journalist Connection

    Having other websites point to your website (backlinks) gives a big boost to your SEO. Build quality backlinks by getting mentioned by journalists who need your expert knowledge to complete their articles. Just put in your area of expertise, respond to requests, and get high-value backlinks to your business's website.

  • Backlink Management

    Don't know where to get quality backlinks to improve SEO? Then use Dizyo's backlink manager to get access to the exact backlinks your competitors have working for them. Get new ideas on where to get  new backlinks and an understanding of where your current backlinks are and make sure they are displaying the right information about your business.

"I really like the ability to tell Dizyo how much time I or my team has each month. If we only have two hours, then the system gives us two hours of activity."



Insurance Broker



"Dizyo cuts out all of the research I used to have to do between Google analytics, SEM Rush, and other tools. Now I just login and do what the system tells me."



Content Marketer

Easily Track Your Results

Dizyo keeps track of your performance and centralizes easy-to-understand reporting.

  • Track All of Your Keywords

    Dizyo tracks your ranking progress for each keyword getting tracked on the platform. Quickly track performance over time and see where you appear in Google search results. Choose to track local, national, or internationally.

  • Google and Website Analytics

    See the impact of your efforts have on SEO rankings and customer acquisition. Dizyo shows you overall website traffic along with your traffic sources, devices used, site referrals, and location of users down to the city anywhere in the world.

  • Backlink Reporting

    Get a clear picture of your new and lost backlinks along with your competitors backlinks. Get backlink scores to see which links to keep and nurture and which to unlink to improve SEO. 

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Dizyo Local

Great starting point for a micro-business, local restaurants, and consumer services.



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Dizyo SEO

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Dizyo helps business owners with SEO
Dizyo helps business owners with SEO

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